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CH Julia Treebeard’s Jewel Barbetdeau


I am a 6 year old barbette who gave birth to several goatee dogs. I am very maternal and educator. My calm surprises many and I am easy to get along with. I accompany my masters everywhere, camping, fly fishing, canoeing, walking, on the paddle board. Finally, Julia is really good company.

CH Fidji Couraillée Fidji


I am the dean. I will be 10 years old this year on December 25 one of the best gifts from my mistress. I have given birth to several goatees. I am a barbette very attached to my masters. I am very playful and I like to accompany my masters everywhere. I am now retired and Julia’s best friend.


Barbetdeau Sir Lancelot


I am a very popular barbet with my very dark brown color dress. I am 4 years old, currently with a foster family very close to my home. I am the neighbor. I am a very intelligent male. Lancelot has given beautiful goatee to our female Julia and he is in demand for several other future litters.

Barbetdeau Opale dit Olive


I am a female of the litter of Julia and Lancelot. Olive lives in Beauport. She is a female very attached to her owners. When I was born my mistress was very surprised a little blonde among all her goatee of dark colors. She is the pride of her mistress who does a lot of training classes and activities. She lives with her half-sister Mousseline, another barbette from our kennel.

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