Barbet dog breeding

Thank you for your interest in my barbets. I would be so happy to assist you in choosing a puppy who, believe me, can bring you happiness for years to come …

First, I invite you to read my website at and my Facebook page Barbetdeau breeding as well as Barbetdeau-psycho when you are ready I will accept you in my private group Fidjibarbetdeau.

If you want to adopt a goatee, it would be important to register first in order to secure your place on the adoption list. To do this, you must complete a reservation contract and answer a questionnaire. (see below)

The puppies are registered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed and extremely well socialized. The cost of adopting a baby goatee puppy is $ 2,500 (all costs included). An amount of $ 500 is required when booking and the balance, $ 2,000, is payable upon taking possession of the puppy.

They are sold under a non-reproduction agreement and must be sterilized between 8 to 12 months. I offer a 24 month written guarantee covering hereditary or congenital diseases, with the option of monetary reimbursement.

The choice of the puppy is made around the age of 8 weeks (often at the time of adoption) by respecting the order of the adoption list. The questionnaire you answered when booking helps me direct you to the best puppy for you.

Since the puppies are raised in our family, in the house, in 8 weeks, as a canine behavior worker, I have the time to analyze the behavior of each of them. They are stimulated, surrounded, pampered and socialized to the maximum to live together with us to allow them to grow and become hyper-balanced and easy-going beings. After 8 weeks, I can therefore present you a puppy that will suit you perfectly as much by its appearance as by its temperament.

Afterwards, I offer a follow-up week after week to adoptive families who so desire.

I therefore invite you to complete the form included on this page.

If you wish, you can also contact me at 819 806-2320 before making this important decision.

We are planning a next litter next year.

Waiting to hear from you.

Claude St-Jean

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