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Hello Barbet lovers,

Barbet breeders have all noted a marked increase in requests from families who want to adopt a Barbet. Breeders in Canada are not numerous and all work to preserve this magnificent breed. If your research tells you that this breed is made for your family, then please be patient. The breeders who are members of the club focus on the quality and health of the puppies rather than on the quantity. The most patient will be rewarded!

For my part, I no longer take any reservations for 2022.

Claude St-Jean
Élevage Barbetdeau

Barbet dog breeding


The Barbet is a rare, versatile, intelligent, easily trainable and gentle dog, a good family dog ​​and a dog who loves water.

If you’re interested in training them for therapy work, athletic performance, a hike, or a hunting companion, look no further, you’ve found your best match. They do not shed their hair as they have no fur but woolly hair that requires regular brushing and grooming.

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Private lesson (Therapy)

1 hour 30 minutes or more
Home consultation, behavioral assessment. Explanation of the problems and techniques to solve the problems and we start the work together.

Private lesson (new puppy)

1 hour 30 minutes or more
Departure of a new puppy. Checking zones, securing the door, explanation and execution of the place, Introduction to walking and more.

Scope assessment
(done at 49 days of age)

Valuable help to breeders to determine the character traits of the puppy based on tests done on site.

Online therapy


Are you stuck at home with more time than usual and thinking now is a good time to work on some issues with your dog?
To follow the government’s recommendations, I decided not to come home until the crisis passed.
But I do offer video conferencing meetings at a reduced price, payable by interac transfer or paypal.
It’s very easy to use. I send you a link and you simply click on it at the time of your appointment. You need internet and a computer with web camera, or an iphone or ipad.

The evaluation as well as all the exercises will be done via our virtual meeting. I will be able to show you the exercises to practice with one of my dogs and guide you when it is your turn to do the exercises with your dog in real time in front of the camera.
Then, depending on the problem and if you want several meetings, I will prepare a package adapted to your objectives.


Mon story


I was barely 3 years old when a winter morning, our adorable little bastard dog of the family, had 3 tiny little puppies … Every day, with the help of my mother, of course, I took great care little ones. I was already in love with animals but I think it was specifically then that I fell madly in love with dogs and breeding.

Proud member of


Hello Claude!

Here is the first among the delicious anecdotes that we experienced with our endearing and inimittable Limbo.

So today we share with you this adorable, but equally incredible event that occurred around the age of 3 months. Limbo said: Houdini almost never left us. He came with us everywhere and on this day of installation with a client; we had it with us in the truck and stopped for dinner. I have a sliding window at the back that I decide to leave half-open, in order to give it a little fresh air (it will not be able to come out of its small height versus the high backrest). A nice little snow is falling, just enough to make a nice white carpet. We were in our time and took 1 hour for dinner.

What was our surprise to see a little black dog on this pretty white carpet, just below the bumper. We believed in a small dog lost under the vehicle; but as we approached we realized that it was our adorable Limbo …. there in front of us, he did not move and was waiting for us. Unable to realize what had just happened; It was by going around the vehicle that we were able to follow in his footsteps and notice that after going out the window, he went around the box on the canvas and decided to jump on the windscreen. shock and on the ground. And on the ground, he wanted to return inside by going around the vehicle and finding no access; he sat under the bumper and waited for us. The most incredible thing was that there was no trace in the snow moving away from the vehicle.

I must tell you that my girlfriend was not proud of me when I decided to leave the window half-open and back in the vehicle, I realized the relevance of her nickname: Houdini The little strategist was used from a box at the other end of the bench to climb on the backrest and thus walk to the window.

Claude St-Jean the breeder had also confided to us that of all the litter he was always and constantly the first to leave the enclosure.

Today, 5 years later; Limbo has never been on a leash (except in the general public) and never moves away from us. Sometimes we leave it to our daughter, when traveling where we can not bring it and on our return it is each time a great celebration to meet again.

Claude and Dominique, we cannot thank you enough for having had the patience to welcome us with such generosity to get to know the breed.

Sincerely and friendly!

Louise & Clement

The wonderful story of Myrtille and Isabelle

On February 4, 2017, I went to get my little barbette from Claude and Dominique. I was so excited! Two days later, baby Myrtille entered school, in my grade 1 class. After weeks of waiting, preparation and anticipation, the big day had finally arrived! That morning my students’ eyes were shining with such a vivid, intense light, I still get chills every time I think about it.

From the moment she arrived, Myrtille captured the hearts of not only my students, but everyone in the school and the staff working there. At the end of the first week, I received a completely unexpected gift; one of my students, who has autism, gave me a hug, his first since the start of the year. It was the first in a series of small miracles that the presence of my beloved barbette brings day after day.
Since that day, Blueberry has been the darling of my school. Everyone who meets her for the first time falls in love with this little love ball on four legs.

Thank you to Barbetdeau breeding for giving me the perfect partner, the ideal friend of my students year after year.
Isabelle Paquette

Primary school teacher and mother of Myrtille